Quality | Traceability

Cinatur Group works with various control, management and monitoring processes for its products in order to guarantee the quality, innocueness and food safety on its daily production:

  • A computer based management program for invoices allows us instant communication with the supplier, cargo and transport, and keeps proper timings and temperatures. All this guarantees a TRACEABILITY system of the product in all of its stages, from its origin to its sale.
  • The product controls are used to prove conformity with the legal requisites, rules and custom specifications from the client in terms of: packaging, pest control residues, labeling, internal and external quality, and cargo and transport control.
  • There is a reclamations and suggestions reply system for the clients: documentation, communication, immediate measures, analysis.
  • We also count with a audits for suppliers and internal audits, to evaluate and value the degree of requisites compliance for products and systems. Documentation of non conformities and corrective measures.
  • System revision meetings, where the executive officers and department directors meet to analyze the system and achieve continuous enhancements.
  • With the objective of veryfing an effective response from Cinatur Group S.L. we perform simulations of traceability and actuation.
  • The search for a positive valoration from the customer is essential for the acquisition of quality certifications (of suppliers GLOBALGAP, IFS, BRC), new products, stationality offer, claim management. Customer survey services, demand behavior study.