Causes of deterioration of fruits and vegetables

causas del deterioro de las frutas y hortalizas

Agriculture in Spain are in luck because according to the latest report by FEPEX, the Spanish Federation of Producers and Exporters of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants, Spanish exports of fresh fruits and vegetables, until last October 2015, increased by 7% in volume and 14% in value over the same period of 2014. These results are largely due to a recovery in demand on the Community market and industry developments to products with higher added value.

These results were made possible, in part, to the work of the producers and distributors of fruits and vegetables that we avoid in our daily lives, their possible alterations.

The loss of quality of fruits and vegetables may occur from growing to the point of sale and the causes can be multiple. Here is a summary of the most common.

Causes of deterioration of fruits and vegetables

1. During production, there may be changes because:

- Physiological, during germination of grains, tubers and bulbs.

- Biological, due to insects, mites, rodents, birds and other animals.

- Microorganisms because of the appearance of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Fruits are more sensitive to the fungal alteration due to its acidity. Unlike vegetables that are sensitive to disruption by bacteria to contain less acidic (higher pH).

- Senescence of fruits and vegetables: changes caused by transpiration and respiration.

- Chemical or biochemical: accidental or deliberate while using pesticides pollution.

- Autoxidation: enzymatic browning.

2. During the collection and / or distribution:

- Insufficient or inadequate to transport infrastructure.

3. In the treatment of fruits and vegetables:

- Mechanical: because of abrasion, erosion, excessive polish, peeling, trimming, drilling or closure.

- Also if the container or packaging is defective or is not appropriate.

- And in the same storage due to inadequate storage conditions either as a result of cold or heat, humidity and others.

So if you are a seller of fruits and vegetables we recommend that you place your order always one exporting producer that meets professional standards and quality labels to ensure that your order arrives in good condition to the consumer.

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