Citrus are already here!

citrus in autumn

The arrival of autumn in November and December is the time to appreciate the full flavor of the varieties of clementines and oranges Cinatur Group offers its customers. As for clementines, the Clemenules, flavorful, easy to peel and seedless. Regarding oranges, Navelina in which sweetness and acidity arrive in perfect balance on the palate, and Salustiana, which is perfect for juice because it produces a large volume of sweet juice.Citrus is refreshing and a great source of vitamins!
Other products available
The Mediterranean diet has at its base with an assortment of vegetables and fruits that Cinatur Group also markets. Since respect for natural cycles of cultivation and harvesting and low maximum food safety, Cinatur Group offers its customers zucchini, eggplant, red pepper, green and yellow, tomato, cucumber and lettuce iceberg. Furthermore, pear and apple, in its many varieties, are fruits that are available all year.Vitamins, minerals and fiber in abundance!