Easy orange recipes for Christmas

The lighting of the streets, the decoration in the shops or the exit of ads as mythical as the Lottery do not warn of one thing: Christmas is just around the corner.

We have Christmas in mind and, above all, what dishes we will prepare to share in family on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day that require planning and patience.

So as experts in the production of oranges today we will try to offer a series of recipes with easy to prepare oranges that we have compiled through our Pinterest:

1. Christmas Desserts with Orange

We started at the end, the dessert. A safe bet is the pairing of oranges with chocolate. In addition, it is easy to prepare: orange peel, sugar glacé and chocolate. Although you have to start 4 days before as it has to be stored during that time in the fridge. Another option also very sweet is the curd of orange with chocolate, to realize the curd you only need sugar, milk, eggs and butter. And on the other hand, if you have more time you can make a fruit cake.

cuajada de naranja y chocolate

Kids can enjoy the taste of Christmas orange by creating shapes with the fruit of their favorite animals or characters.

postre niños con naranjas

2. And to accompany the coffee, we have the traditional polvorones or the yolks, but with orange


3. As main dishes

The chicken to the orange is very easy to prepare and is a delicious dish. You can also accompany it with salad, such as a smoked salmon, orange salad and wasabi vinaigrette.

ensalada con naranja

If you want to discover more options of recipes with orange for this Christmas, enter in our Pinterest.