Company | Values

Our biggest asset: commitment

Cinatur Group understands the customer needs, and work to satisfy them. For this reason, we bring not only a constant stream of fruit in quantity and quality, but also a highly specialized technical work.

Cinatur Group defines itself as a company based in these concepts:

Commitment with the customer

We like to know our customer and know the difficulties that he has to deal with on a daily basis, because we work with a product that is natural, limited and perishable, yet very attractive and demanded. The fresh fruit, and other vegetables as well, are products that flow, mature, evolve and allow a limited storage and need to be handled in a direct, transparent way to the final consumer.

Service reliability

Our service to the customer includes supporting supply for points of sale that receive, with previously agreed conditions: a steady and proper amount of product with the optimal conditions of freshness, image and quality, always at the most competitive prices.

Integral control and quality

To complete our commitment with the customer, there are many factors that we constantly take care of: offering a proper logistics service, precise labeling, obtaining the quality certifications required by each product or the creation of merchandising and new packaging products among others. All these concepts are what, as a whole, configure the product offer in a point of sale.