7 funny things you did not know about oranges

We are already in November and in full orange season and this year according to sources like Las Provincias is expected an increase in consumption of this fruit throughout Europe. And it is not surprising that orange, as we said in a previous post, has great benefits for the body and especially at this time of year helping to combat colds.

But apart from this, today we want in our post to tell you 7 funny things that you sure did not know about oranges:


1- Its origin goes back 20 million years ago

It was in Southeast Asia when more than 4,000 years ago began to cultivate in the south of China. From there it spread all over the East and, with the campaigns of Alexander the Great and the Silk Road spread throughout Europe. In Spain the bitter orange tree, with the name of naranjah, came with the Moorish occupation in the 10th century and served as an ornamental tree, much appreciated for its beauty, its aroma of orange blossom and its bitter fruits with healing properties.


2 – Oranges were for Greek mythology the food of the gods

Greek mythology tells that there was a wonderful garden in a hidden place, watched over by the Hesperidian nymphs with the aid of a hundred-headed dragon, of trees growing from “golden apples” which Gea gave to Hera when she married Zeus. Desired by many for granting immortality to whoever ate them, it was finally Hercules who found the garden and seized the precious fruits.

Those golden apples of the Garden of the Hesperides were, apparently, oranges.


3- Orange means “fragrance”

The term orange comes from the mixture of several languages ​​of South Asia: “narang”, “narandam”, “nagarukam” or “nari”, meaning fragrance.


4- In the seventeenth century in Valencia orange was a symbol of economic prosperity inspiring painters and authors of the time

Joaquín Sorolla, Teodoro Llorente or Blasco Ibáñez, among other artists of the S. XVII wanted to reflect in their works the economic prosperity that in those moments lived the Valencian territory thanks to the exploitation of the orange.

joaquin sorolla el naranjero


5- In 1781 the first orange tree of edible and sweet fruit was obtained

The first sweet orange tree of the world by a singular mutation in 19781 by a priest of Carcaixent (Valencia – Spain) a fan of gardening. Thanks to this great discovery soon the orchards were filled with orange trees beginning a time of great enrichment in all the Valencia Community.


6- In Valencia the “Virgin of the orange” is the patron of the orange trees

Located in the Olocau del Rey, it is said that it was a gift from a Valencian family of oranges to the municipality, in gratitude for the recovery of their sick son, thanks to the climate of their mountains. It is a sedentary Marian image, from the XIV century and in the late Romanesque style, carved in tarabina wood (Sabina, Juniperus thurifera).

The Virgin holds in her right hand an orange ball, which the village has identified with an orange, instead of the orb, hence the name Virgin of the Orange. Each year, in the month of May, a celebration is held in his honor with a traditional mass and lunch for all the naranjeros of the province.


7 – There is a Marvel superhero inspired by this fruit

The same Marvel Comics was inspired by this fruit to create the superhero Captain Citrus, a hero of the orange that feeds on the sun and was created to encourage and encourage consumption of orange juice in Florida, USA.

capitan citrus

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