In February, tangerines and strawberries

in february tangerines

From February comes Cinatur wherein in Group starts commercialize two varieties of tasty tangerines. First, the so-called Nadorcott, also called Afourer, which originated in Morocco. It is a very productive variety, with a bright orange-red, which has a high content of juice and peel easily.

Moreover, tangerine Ortanique, detected in Australia in the late nineteenth century and was introduced in Spain a century later. The fruit is medium in size rather large, bright orange, tender and juicy pulp.

The cutter also comes during this month, fruit that has been traditionally used as a folk remedy diuretic and astringent and contains large amounts of fiber and vitamins. The variety that sells Cinatur Group is characterized by a unique flavor and a very attractive.

We recall that the oranges are still available varieties and Navel Late Salustiana, the latter known as orange juice.