how to choose the best fruit suppliers?

Choose a fruit Top UN Providers paragraph supermarket or restaurant is a labor in which the person responsible for it should stop, since it has to be done very carefully with. It will depend on many occasions reputation and business success.
In addition, we must take into account the drop in exports in recent months bathroom Spain: they have exported products 3% less in October 2013 compared to last year, although he has increased the value of exports in the Same period m (724.2 million euros). This allows the acquisition of Spanish products ahead of others outside. In the market there are numerous Exporting fruits and wave, it must meet certain rules, such as traceability of products to give customers the best final product at the best price.

The traceability of fruit Providers

Traceability of horticultural products, as well as other food industry it critical UN requirement. It is a documented para identify products from their origin and informs all the features of Selling What I know esta para contribute to the transparency of a version regarding what their customers sells a process. GO to the ship Where the wholesaler has stored, see the quality of what it offers and saber as he got to the store or restaurant.

Fruits and vegetables fresh products that require child care Many para Reach the end line client The best conditions. He should be held in refrigerated trucks transport, preserve all its properties and maintain moisture conditions paragraph Prevent dehydration of the pieces.

Rate price and product quality, the conditions under which it is stored and how it is transported to the point of sale son Fundamental Questions paragraph Choosing the Best Provider.