The current complicated situation experienced by many local citrus producers due to the importation of products from other countries, and the price conflict that implies, has received an important boost in one of the main international events in this industry: Berlin’s Fruit Logistica. There, international markets, especially from Asia and North America, ...


For most of the year we can enjoy the sweet taste of the pear. Fruit of the Rosaceae family can be found in different ways, from a more rounded shape to a teardrop shape; They have a smooth and green skin, although when they mature their color can change until they ...


In the cold winter months, it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in vitamins to combat the effects it produces in our body. Orange is one of the citrus fruits that we must include daily in our diet; It is a fruit that we can use for the preparation ...


In autumn, with the beginning of the cold weather, rains and sudden changes in temperature, it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in vitamins. Tangerines are the perfect citrus to consume every day thanks to its high content of nutrients, which will help you have a good health. This refreshing ...


Like every year, Fruit Attraction 2018 opened its doors last Tuesday October 23rd at IFEMA until Thursday 25th, celebrating as well its tenth anniversary. 3 intense days in which 70,000 professionals of the sector from more than 120 countries participated, 1,600 horticultural ...


It is still melon season, and this fruit is one of the sweetest and juiciest, as well as tasty. Its high-water content makes it ideal to include in a low-calorie diet. In the Mediterranean diet it is an essential food and it is widely used in various salty dishes such as salads ...


Starting with the watermelon, we open a new special edition: “CINATUR`s fruits", in which we will talk every month about each of the products we work with. The production and distribution of fruits and vegetables is our main activity. You can find out all our catalog in the "


Summer is the perfect time to eat fresh and light products, and fruit and vegetables are the best option, especially lettuce. This vegetable is perfect to keep you hydrated on the hottest days of the year thanks to its high-water content and it is also the star ingredient ...


Peppers are a very consumed vegetable in almost the entire world. Its variety in colors and flavor makes it an essential ingredient as a base and as a side in many culinary dishes. This vegetable is also very versatile when it is cooked, it can be eaten both raw and cooked and ...


To continue with our special posts about vegetables, today the zucchini has the most prominence. This delicious vegetable is composed mostly of water, to be exact about a 95% in total. Thanks to its high-water content, the zucchini has very few calories, however, it contains a high number of vitamins, ...