Oranges, the quintessential winter citrus

las naranjas

In the cold winter months, it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in vitamins to combat the effects it produces in our body. Orange is one of the citrus fruits that we must include daily in our diet; It is a fruit that we can use for the preparation of desserts, juices or any type of dish. Thanks to its low content of carbohydrates is a fruit low in calories so it can be consumed by anyone.

In CINATUR we are seasonal fruit and citrus suppliers and orange is one of them. The quality of all these citrus fruits is one of our priorities.

Properties of oranges:

The pulp of the orange is composed of segments, these are the ones that contain the juice. The orange is a citric of the winter that carries to our organism a great amount of vitamin C besides beta carotene and fiber; Therefore, it is also a good citrus to fight cholesterol.

In addition, it has magnificent properties for the care and hydration of our skin.

Experts recommend consuming at least one orange a day to notice our excellent properties in our body.

The cultivation time of the orange:

In CINATUR we take care and respect the cultivation times of all our products to offer better results. We produce different varieties of orange: from the earliest varieties (at the beginning of October): Navelina, Navel, Navel-Late, Salustiana (in the month of January), to the variety Valencia-Late, from the middle of the month of April.

The star recipe of CINATUR:

receta con nanranjas

And with the arrival of December we started thinking about Christmas desserts; Surprise your guests with a delicious dessert Oranges with Cheese. You will need 1 egg, ½ glass of white wine, 4 tablespoons of honey, chocolate chips, 4 oranges, 200 grams of cheese spread, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Split the oranges and empty them, place the pulp of the orange in the bottom that we have emptied; Beat the yolk of the egg and mix it in the bain-marie with the wine, when it thickens, add the honey, the lemon juice and the cheese. Beat everything until you get a cream, let cool and fill the orange using a pastry bag; Finally, sprinkle chocolate chips and ready to drink. Exquisite!