Cinatur Group Proposal

CINATUR GROUP is not just another supplier, we are a business partner for your company, an efficient collaborator with service vocation. Our work proposal for the markets gets its support from three main pillars:

Production capabilities

Members and partners of Cinatur Group  bring their capacity of production and service and put it at disposal of our customers. This capacity brings great trust from our customers, who get in control of the whole process and allows programming the loads that conform the whole campaign, with its diverse varieties.


Striving for quality

The companies that conform Cinatur Group are certified in the different categories and ISO directives that guarantee quality and traceability of the fruit from the field to the final consumer, and constant quality, according to the loading details provided by the client. In the same way, Cinatur is a company that pioneers in the ISO 22000, that guarantees the innocuoness and food safety of all the products that we offer to our customers.


Team and formation

Cinatur Group counts with a highly qualified professional team, with a wide experience in the work they perform. We are part of a sector in constant evolution, and for this reason some of our main objectives are boosting the recycling and the continuous formation of our staff. This involves a multiple field formation plan, with different specialities that offer an optimal harvesting, the inclusion of food safety measures, or the ability to adapt the product to the market demands, among others.


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