10 Reasons to choose us as your orange exporter

10 Reasons to choose us as your orange exporter:

1. Experience

In Cinatur Group, we have 15 years of uninterrupted experience since we formed as a consortium. Our companies have more than 50 years dedicated to the production and export of citrus.

2. Specialization

Within the organization we have different departments that include specialized technicians in various stages of orange, since it is grown until it reaches the consumer. Allowing us to make a fast, efficient and always guaranteed work.

3. Commitment to Quality

Since its inception, Cinatur Group works with a system of quality assurance and food safety. Therefore, our company has major certification standards of quality and food safety.

In addition, in our daily work, we have a supplier evaluation system based on quality requirements and food safety, both product as facilities and processes. This way we ensure the highest quality in our citrus.

4. Reliability of service

Our customer service includes backup supply in outlets that manage, with conditions previously set. This way we guarantee times, qualities and quantities.

5. Closeness

We like to know our customers and know what are the difficulties they have to deal daily. Since we work with a natural, limited and perishable, but very attractive and sued.

6. Transparency

Fresh fruit and other horticultural specialties are products flowing, mature, evolve and support a very limited storage and need to be channeled, in a straightforward and transparent manner, to the end consumer.

7. Technology

Our continuous technological surveys allow us master the newest and future developments to ensure the best solutions.

8. Success

Because like you we want your delivery to be successful.

9. The best quality / price

We offer the most competitive and affordable prices listed under the export of oranges of the Navelina, Navel, Navel-Late, Late and Valencia categories Salustiana sector.

10. Flexibility

We realize budgets charge and without any commitment to our customers according to their needs.

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