Storage and transport: key in the export of fruit and vegetables areas

To that fruits and vegetables are of the highest quality we have spent a lot of effort during the harvest (a good fertilizer, spraying, personal, etc.) why after harvesting and that the investment is not lost is very important storage and transport.

This article will return two key aspects in the export of fruits and vegetables: storage and transport.


During the cooling storage it is based on establishing the correct temperature for the correct storage of fruits, but in no case should freeze or cool them too.


We distinguish two types of transport:

1. From the countryside to the warehouse to the Treaty of fruit or vegetables

It is the first transport of fruit and it does not pique the use of trucks and trailers with false ceiling or double deck, thermal tent and / or side curtains for quick and easy loading and unloading operation is recommended. And we must take care of cleanliness and hygiene of the transportation we use.
In the case of displacement of fruits and vegetables in bulk, we avoid that fruits and vegetables do not chip or damaged by extreme cold or heat using a mat or plant material on the vehicle platform.

2. From the warehouse to the final consumer

In the transport to the local supermarket trade or export of fruit and vegetables should be run in a refrigerated truck or container, previously estimated transit time so that the product reaches the final destination at the optimum point for the consumer.

In conclusion, following these tips for the export of fruits and vegetables will improve the quality of the product when it reaches the end consumer, especially when it comes to long-distance, and will increase, thus your turnover.

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