Tangerines ready to export

mandarinas listas para exportar

Autumn is approaching and in Cinatur, are in full harvest and export season tangerine. Because of its acid-sweet flavor, high in vitamins and its small size, it becomes the preferred consumer diet in winter citrus, and one of the TOP fruit supermarket sales. What mandarins are the most optimal for a supermarket? Tangerine has many varieties, but some of them are best to sell and service in a supermarket. Among them is the Clementina, because although they are later, presents better preservation, taste sweet, seedless and easy to peel.

What are the keys to buying an exporter of tangerines?

There are several aspects that can take into account when choosing your exporter mandarin:

  1. Maturation: citrus ripen on the tree, so if picked green they will never mature and just begin to deteriorate.
  2. Skin: It is important to note if the skin has marks. It is normal that during cultivation by the wind, rubbing branches, etc. present some scratches, but these will be more visible when the fruit is more mature.
  3. Weight: the higher weight tangerine contains, usually has more juice and, therefore, the more attractive to the consumer.
  4. Odor: when are is the optimum state of maturation is a very intense smell.

On the other hand, should be consulted management program of this fruit, packaging, labeling, and, of course, that meets the legal aspects.

In Cinatur Group, as part of our commitment to quality we make export to Europe mandarins freshly harvested directly from the tree to the client. We speak?