The properties of vegetables


Thanks to our Mediterranean diet, we can include the same amount of vegetables than fruits in our daily menu. Although fruits take always all the credit regarding the importance of being a source of vitamins, vegetables are a purifying food with a high content of minerals that we must include in all our meals.

In CINATUR we take care of the production of quality vegetables. Our production focuses on zucchini, aborigine, pepper, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. These vegetables help our body to stay hydrate, as well as our organism thanks to its high water content and to combat diseases, such as anemia.

It is a known that the consumption of vegetables and fruits in Spain is not high enough compared to the amount that we produce. According to a study carried out by LIDL supermarkets called “5 a Day”, only an 11% of Spaniards surveyed acknowledge not eating the recommended amount, five pieces of fruit or vegetable a day.

This lack of good eating habits is not only present in the adult population, but also young people are not aware. To be exact, only 31% of the children and adolescents surveyed consume vegetables once a day. This data is very low; this is why it is necessary to raise awareness of the benefits of these foods.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, vegetables are a source of vitamins thanks to its composition, which is a greater extent of water, but also carbohydrates in different measures depending on the veggie. Vegetables have a lack in fat and protein. Depending on the chemical component of these foods, we can separate them into three groups:

· Group 1: vegetables that contain less than 5% of carbohydrates. These are our aborigines, peppers and lettuces.

· Group 2: vegetables that contain between 5 and 10% of carbohydrates.

· Group 3: vegetables that contain more than 10% of carbohydrates.

We cannot forget the medicinal properties that vegetables have. For example, eggplant is used for liver treatments or tomatoes, which are used to cure sunburn and dermal infections.

With this information, we highlight the importance of the distribution of quality vegetables and that is why in CINATUR we want to spread our passion for a healthy life and healthy food.

So now you know … a healthy diet equals healthy living!