This Christmas that does not lack fruits and vegetables at your table

dieta saludable navidad

The Spanish Society of Hypertension-Spanish League for the Fight against Arterial Hypertension (SEH-Lelha) has published a series of healthy tips to enjoy the Christmas holidays without suffering cardiovascular problems, among which are to avoid excesses in food and Drink and include in the menus fruits, vegetables and fish.

Some of the recommendations were exposed during the showcooking that the society celebrated last Monday 19 December in Servimedia.
Teresa Gijón, responsible for this campaign of SEH-Lelha, advised that for dessert not to abuse turrones and marzipan, and opted for seasonal fruits. He said that after eating it is advisable to take long walks and ingest large quantities of fruit and liquids.

He also warned that there is a spike in consultations stemming from medical problems after Christmas, including worse control of hypertension. Dr. Teresa Gijón also pointed out that in these festivals the Spanish fatten an average of between 3 and 4 kilos, which can have negative repercussions on their health.

The society started a few weeks ago a campaign to What good is eaten in Christmas! For citizens to submit healthy recipes. Among those received, some have been selected to produce the ‘Healthy Christmas Menu 2016′ recommended by this scientific society. Some of these recipes have been elaborated during the ceremony held on Monday in Servimedia by the cooks of the Association of Cooks and Amateurs Cookers of Spain (Acrame).

From Cinatur Group, producers of fruits, we are glad of this initiative and we hope that this Christmas there is no lack of fruits and vegetables at your table.


Source: El Economista