This season include vegetables in your diet


It is known that in winter season it is very important to increase the consumption of fruits, but also you can´t forget the consumption of vegetables as well. Zucchini, eggplant, peppers and tomato are examples of seasonal vegetables that we should take advantage of by including them in our daily diet. At Cinatur Group we are committed to the distribution of vegetables in this season so that you can always have them at your home.

The properties of these vegetables are essential to lead a healthy life and they are present in our Mediterranean diet. Like fruits, we recommend you to eat them daily and, thanks to the great variety that exists in Spain, we have a wide range of options to include them in the daily dishes.

The WHO (World Health Organization) advises that the minimum consumption of fruits and vegetables should be 600 grams per day, this is to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The great advantage that we have is our variety of gastronomic proposals in which we can include these foods. In addition, Cinatur Group is concerned with the production of vegetables with a high quality level and always respecting their growing times.

According to nutritionists, to take full advantage of the nutrients provided by vegetables, it is advisable to eat at least one dish of raw vegetables a day, whether in the form of salad or soup, such as gazpacho. In addition, another way to maintain their properties is to steam the vegetables. Cooking it this way, we enhance its flavour and make the most of them.

In Cinatur Group we take care of the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables, taking care of their quality so that you enjoy its great flavour and properties.