Tips for picking a sweet watermelon

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The selection of ripe fruit is not always easy, when choosing a watermelon is even more complex because their skin does not change color or softening, so it is advisable to consider the following tips to choose the right piece.

Tips for choosing ripe watermelons

The color

We must consider its color. A ripe watermelon should be dark green and opaque appearance present a rather bright, as it shows that watermelon ripened evenly in the sun.

Technical Beat

This technique is not of the simplest but give a firm blow with his knuckles can be helpful. If the watermelon is ripe, we hear a hollow sound. The weight Watermelon should have a weight that equals its size. We compare the same size watermelons to compare their weight, and choose one that has a higher weight because it indicates that the melon is filled with water and therefore ripe.

Soil stain

The stain floor of watermelon is the area in which he supported his weight on the earth, so that color will indicate if inside this red and sweet. If the stain is yellow soil watermelon is ripe.

But, if on the contrary, the ground spot is white means the melon has been picked too early and may experience bland taste. The skin should not have scars, bruises or some other type of defect If you want to have the best watermelons this summer in Cinatur Group We are exporters of watermelons wholesale throughout Spain and Europe. We produce and sell variety of watermelons ‘Seedless’. These are characterized by a white seeds. Info: