Tips to keep the melon in good condition in your supermarket

 cuanto dura melon

How long does a melon last? This question has not just one answer, since it depends on in what stage of the maturing it has been collected. Even if the melon is at its point, it can take several days or even a few weeks if stored and stored correctly.

In case you have a supermarket, or other commercial grocery sales area and this summer you are going to sell melons to your customers is important that you keep them in in good condition as long as it’s possible. For this reason, in this article, as producers and exporters of melons wholesale we offer the following tips for keeping melons in good condition in your establishment.


2 Recommendations to preserve melons and to retain them in good condition, depending on sale:


If you sell the whole melon


To preserve a melon keep well away from both the part of the most refrigerate areas as well as warmer or in contact with sunlight. Look for a closed space at with room temperature (cool and dry).


If you sell the melon in pieces


If you’re going to cut the melon in pieces to sell, you should remove the seeds from the pulp and protect this area by wrapping the piece tightly with plastic wrap or other packaging.

Also, in the case of putting them in a refrigerator (5 ° C 3.5 to prevent the fruit from freezing), it is convenient to cut off both ends to conserve the melon.

Therefore, following these guidelines melons can last long in perfect condition. In fact, anecdotally, in many places in Spain traditionally melons are preserved from late summer until Christmas, storing them in basements and cool places.