Tricks how to choose the melon to sell to your clients

trucos para elegir el melon

It’s during the summer months, from June to September, when they harvest the Spanish melons that are cultivated in fresh air and, although, they require the most utter care for the fruit to grow soundly and safe from the external factors of-rain, hail, excess of sun, insects, birds, etc. -until they are completely ripe. (and this we know well as cultivators and exporters of this fruit).

Also in their gathering and transportation they must be treated with care so they arrive in perfect state to their selling point

In this article we offer you some tips on to how to know how to pick out a good melon and preserve it in a good state:

5 recommendations when you choose a melon :

  • The melon should be hard when you touch it. If it’s soft it’s because it has lapsed.

  • If they have very green shells you have taken them too early, then they are not ripe.

  • A melon’s point has a grey rectangular reticle. If, also, the crust is free from scrapes and cracks it means it hasn’t suffered any damages during the transport.
  • One way to chose a good melon is to pick it with firmness and press it’s base.If it gives in a bit it’s ready to be consumed. You can also shake it slightly, if a “splash” is heard you can say that the melon will have begun to break down.

  • Another aspect to consider is its smell. If it gives away a sweet smell it’s ripe, if there’s no odor you will have to let it ripen outside the refrigerator in a place protected from direct sunlight at a cool and dry temperature.

Therefore, with these simple tricks you’ll know if your supermarket melon is of quality and is in good condition. If you want to have the best melons this summer We in Cinatur Group are exporters of melons wholesale throughout Spain and Europe, and we comply with the highest quality certifications and traceability with various processes, management and monitoring of our fruits and vegetables to ensure the quality, safety and food security in our daily management. Find out: