What key features must be taken into account in the export of fruit and vegetables

aspectos tener en cuenta en exportacion frutas y verduras

When fruits and vegetables, it reaches the point of sale and the end consumer in optimal conditions is exported it is essential to obtain positive sales results. For this reason, Cinatur Group specializes in the export of fruit and vegetables from Valencia to all parts of Europe, we look traceability of our products.

Fruits and vegetables are fresh-sensitive products and atmospheric conditions that require special care to reach the final customer in the best conditions. To do this we consider four key aspects in the export of fruit production, collection, packaging, storage and transport.
1. During production of fruits and vegetables humidity, temperature and weather conditions determine the outcome because if these are bad fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites can occur.

2. The collection will be planned in advance taking into account the harvest index (color, size, sugar, oil, etc.), time of day, to be used machinery and transport to storage.

3. Packaging and storage requirements of a conditioned space that allows develop the following work:

- You have to have an area for unloading and pre-harvested crop to keep only those that are in good condition.
- An area for washing, disinfecting and final selection of fruits and vegetables is also necessary.
- An area in which the specific machinery for the product classification, packaging and packing is located.

4. There are at least two occasions in which transport the product on the one hand, the field of preparation and packing center, and on the other hand, the warehouse to the final sale.