Why is it important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables?


From small older you have said it is important to eat fruits and vegetables, at least 2 servings per day of the first and, to date the latter.

It is not about “tall tales” but eating fruits and vegetables provides the body with a lot of essential elements to stay healthy. These are mainly:

- Vitamins: although they are essential for living, our body does not know make them. Synthesized in different parts of plants, they come to our body through food. Fruits are the main source of vitamin C that exists.

- Minerals: plants absorb minerals from the soil and rainwater and serve as a source of them for once in our body to perform a host of metabolic activities.

- Fructose: it can help you lose weight even as the lack of sugar in the body generates appetite and anxiety.

- Fiber: contributes to transit through the digestive system and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

- Carbohydrates have an important role in providing energy to the body’s functioning role.

- Proteins: essential for maintaining muscle, vegetables contain about 2 grams of protein per serving.

In short, plant products help you to prevent and combat serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes or anemia. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) places the low consumption of fruit and vegetables in sixth place among the 20 risk factors that attributed human mortality, immediately after better-known, such as snuff and cholesterol.

If you prefer fresh fruit and vegetables, for best flavor, you have to consume in its ripest because once cut begins to oxidize eventually losing all their properties.

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